grace healthy home delivery

Designed by our expert Grace Nutritionists and Head Chef Marcin, our Grace Healthy Home Delivery Programmes offer six menus; each designed to fulfill your individual dietary requirements.

Each menu offers gluten, dairy* and refined sugar free, nutritious, deliciously healthy food that will leave you feeling and looking your very best!

Entirely flexible to suit your needs, you can do as many or as little days as you like. You can also either choose to collect from the Club or have all your meals and snacks for the day delivered to you. Find a range of menu options below – including detoxes and plans from The Organic Pharmacy and Gabriela Peacock. The Grace Healthy Home Delivery Programme starts from £32.50 per day excluding delivery – should you wish to collect it.

Fitness Menu

Our fitness menu places emphasis on the provision of proteins and amino acids, otherwise known as the building blocks of life. This programme will boost overall cellular function throughout the body, thereby leaving you feeling fit and healthy. From £40

The Intensive Cleanse Menu

Also free of gluten, dairy and refined sugar this menu is for you if you want to be  strict with your portions sizes for a limited time but not recommended as a long-term plan. Snacks come in the form of juices. From £32.50

The Soup and Juice Cleanse

This cleanse can be done over three or five days and provides your digestive system with a real rest. Our juices combined with our delicious soups provide a nutrient dense menu that will boost immune function, increase energy and leave you with an increased sense of overall vitality and wellbeing. From £32.50

The Cleanse Menu

This menu is free of all gluten, dairy and refined sugar elements of the everyday Western Diet that a large proportion of people find hard to digest. It is reduced potion sizes and perfect should you want to give your digestive system a break through a gentle cleanse of the system. From £32.50


Pre and Post Natal

This menu has a special focus on nurturing foetal development and supporting perinatal nutrition. It is nutrient dense and abundant in folate, iron, zinc, essential fatty acids and calcium – all the building blocks needed to ensure optimum metabolic functioning. From £37.50

For more details, please click here.


Devised by expert Grace nutritionists, dine on daily meals from the Cleanse menu to enjoy alongside Organic Pharmacy supplements. Designed to support your body’s ability to neutralise chemicals from pollution, alcohol and diet, the nutrient dense food is filled with antioxidants, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals.

This programme enables your body to remove unwanted toxins that stop cells from functioning optimally, leaving you with a better quality of sleep, loss of excess weight, considerably more energy and a truly refreshed and revitalised feeling.

The 10 day detox kit (£99) includes;

  • Detox Capsules (60 caps)
  • Phytonutrients + MSN (20 caps)
  • Superantioxidants (20 caps)
  • Essential Fatty Acid + B Complex (20 caps)

gabriela_peacock_nutritionGABRIELA PEACOCK’S METABOLIC DIET

A results driven system designed to effectively shift stubborn, localised fat. Each plan is customised to your individual metabolic needs, based on a comprehensive analysis of your personal information and laboratory testing.

Balance is restored within the body through hormonal and metabolic regulation, improving energy levels and allowing stable, long-term weight adjustment. Our nutritionists will go through your individual report to create a bespoke meal plan, which will be freshly prepared in the Grace kitchen daily – and delivered to your door.

A week’s notice is required before commencing the programme.

Booking: Should you have any questions about our different programmes, or would like to make a booking please contact or alternatively call 020 72358900 ext.5. Programmes can be booked for a minimum of one day and a maximum of one month, 48 hour’s notice is required for all bookings.

Delivery: Delivery is available to addressees within five miles of Grace. Your food will be delivered the evening before the day for which it is intended between the hours of 6pm and 8pm, at an additional cost of £10.00 per day.

To view our Healthy Home Delivery menu options in more detail, please click here.

  *(The Fitness Menu has a small amount of dairy which can be removed upon request)