• I have just been to Grace for lunch with my mother today. It was her first time and I showed her around. The whole place was buzzing and the dining room was packed. Totally fabulous.

    I had the mackerel and mummy had a chicken Caesar salad. Mummy is super glamorous and very well-travelled and she reckoned that it was the best salad that she’d ever had In her life!!! And at 78 that’s quite an accolade.

    Gaynor Russell, Harvey Nichols Private Shopping
  • I love Grace Belgravia. It’s the only place that makes my mummy happy.

  • 20 years ago, I first went to Chiva-Som in Thailand and have visited at least 10 times since then. On returning to London, I would always lament the fact that there was nowhere here in London that looked at a total 360-degree picture for health and wellness in the same way. It has taken nearly 20 years, but in Grace Belgravia, I have found my little slice of wellness heaven. Yes, you can just go for the gym, the Pilates, the yoga or the spa treatments, but, when you really integrate Grace into your life, and make use of the medical facilities and restaurant, it is a game-changer. The helpful, friendly atmosphere, sublime food and relaxed setting make it a sanctuary to escape to. I have a really busy working life and three small children, but Grace is my escape and I can’t get enough of it!

    Publishing Director, Kate’s Testimonial
  • Grace has transformed the way I think about health and fitness and, for the first time ever, I actually look forward to going to the gym. The Personal Trainers are top of their game and have helped me realise my fitness potential in an enjoyable and relaxed manner. Everything on the menu in the cafe is utterly delicious and the club is a great place to have work meetings or to relax in the evening with friends over a ‘healthy’ cocktail. It is a wonderfully efficient operation with informed and friendly staff that make it a little oasis of calm in the centre of London.

    Laura’s from House & Garden Testimonial
  • “As for feedback, I believe the following sums it up well; I will have a harder time leaving Grace after one year as compared to leaving London after five years. The service, quality and above all else the atmosphere and the culture of kindness & equality amongst the members and the Grace Team is unprecedented and greatly revered.”

    Zarmina Jafar
  • “My body has completely transformed since I started working with the Grace Gym Team – I am in the best shape I’ve ever been in, even before my two children.”

    Vanessa Arelle
  • ‘OMG! I have found heaven – and it is just around the corner from my home and next to my supermarket!!! Grace Belgravia is “an exclusive private club for spirited, cultured, caring women who want the very best for their health and well-being”. It’s the ultimate one-stop shop for exercise, beauty and health. I’ve basically moved in there and am finding it hard to get out of their by midday – given that I can sit there doing teleconferences, answering emails and having breakfast at the same time….after my work out. A definite must for any thinking woman based in London.’ Tania Seary Blog

    Tania Seary
  • My massage was the best treatment I’ve ever had anywhere in the world. If every human could access Monica’s treatment there would be world peace.

    Ruth Kennedy
  • Grace has quite honestly changed my life. I have never met people so dedicated to making me happy and healthy and listened to!! I have not only lost pounds and look and feel better than I have in years but I have learned to live a healthy life in the notoriously unhealthy lifestyle of a city. Grace is the most fabulous place, it is otherworldly and I feel every person I encounter wants nothing but the best for me. Grace embodies health and well being in the most sublime environment. Grace makes me want to go to the gym, eat vegetables, and take care of myself. Grace has combined the most talented group of people in London and I never want to leave. I feel so lucky to have discovered this oasis and it is one of the most spoiling places I have ever encountered.

    Phoebe Gubelmann
  • Three Words: My Saving Grace

    Nicole Michael
  • A real hidden treasure of Grace is the Grace Medical Facility.  I didn’t have to search high and low looking for doctors in my new city thanks to Grace staff doctors and medical professionals.
    Grace introduced me to Dr. Amalia Annaradnam, whom I like and trust. My husband is a client of Grace Medical and he is thrilled with with Dr. Tim Evans.
    Grace Medical makes me feel safe and comfortable knowing I have excellent doctors to call on when I need them.
    Kate (CEO of Grace Belgravia) recently asked me if there was anything Grace could be doing better.  I was at a loss.  I couldn’t think of one thing I would change.
    Grace is the most valuable “friend” I have made since moving to London. Thank you Grace for being a positive influence on my life and for helping me reach my healthy life goals.

    Mary Galloway Herms
  • I love Grace. It’s the chicest place in London to strengthen your body, stimulate your brain and feed your soul.  Everyone who works there is incredibly nice and incredibly good at what they do. And the food is fab.

    Georgia Coleridge
  • THANK GOODNESS that in the 21st century the general perception of women/girls is that we are very capable of doing all sorts of things that men can do. Margaret Thatcher, Sheryl Sandberg, Zaha Hadid…just a tiny example of women having a huge impact globally and being renowned for their prowess. Long gone are those old fashioned days where the female sex was seen to be inferior. I must say, I am MOST pleased about this. However, sometimes, I think how lovely it would be to have the choice to go somewhere where I can hang out and indulge in being a total GIRL in sophisticated, feminine surroundings with no men around (surely we are allowed to have our cake and eat it.

    Dee Gibson – Mvelvetorangelondon
  • In this day and age everyone is quick to offer advice on how to do things better and quick to point out failings;  people often forget to give praise when due. I wanted to drop you a short email to do just that.

    My wife suggested [ie insisted] I went to Grace this morning to see Olivia de Maigret as I have been suffering with a bad shoulder and headaches.   I rang Grace when I got to the office this morning and had an appointment within an hour.  I got a smart email confirmation and from the moment I arrived to the moment I left everyone was charming, the service was exceptional and the surroundings absolutely beautiful (in all the right ways).  Olivia was quite simply brilliant – she was engaging, she listened and she understood – she transformed my shoulder and helped with my headaches – she gave sound advice, she gave reassurance (through her confidence) and she made me feel a million times better.  I left the club and walked home via the Kings Road (and Holland & Barret, as Olivia told me to top up on magnesium!), I enjoyed that walk more than I can say – it felt the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders – I felt refreshed, energised and happy.

    So I wanted to say a huge well done – Grace does exactly what you said it would do – it fixes the soul and the body.  The whole experience was simply outstanding and faultless

    The husband of a member who is now a patient of our medical practice
  • Having a three day detox, looked at from this perspective is not a self indulgence, it is a necessity. We take our cars into the garage for a service to avoid a breakdown, so also should we nurture and love our bodies – and Grace is the ideal place to do this, because it believes in rejuvenation – a place where we can tell our minds to be quiet, to stop the alerts, close down our open windows, find the peace we need to enable us to connect better with our bodies, so that we can live, mind, body and soul more intuitively, more successfully and more completely.

    Caroline Garnham, Founder and CEO of Family Bhive