So I wanted to say a huge well done – Grace does exactly what you said it would do – it fixes the soul and the body. The whole experience was simply outstanding and faultless
The husband of a member who is now a patient of our medical practice
“Grace is the Best’ when asked why “because it makes mummy happy”
A Member's Son
Having a three day detox, looked at from this perspective is not a self-indulgence, it is a necessity. We take our cars into the garage for a service to avoid a breakdown, so also should we nurture and love our bodies - and Grace is the ideal place to do this.
Caroline Garnham, Founder and CEO of Family Bhive
I love Grace. It’s the chicest place in London to strengthen your body, stimulate your brain and feed your soul.
Georgia Coleridge
Grace is the most valuable "friend" I have made since moving to London. Thank you Grace for being a positive influence on my life and for helping me reach my healthy life goals.
Mary Galloway Herms
“Grace is the Best’ when asked why “because it makes mummy happy”
A Member's Son
Three Words: My Saving Grace
Nicole Michael
Grace has quite honestly changed my life. I have never met people so dedicated to making me happy and healthy and listened to!! I have not only lost pounds and look and feel better than I have in years but I have learned to live a healthy life in the notoriously unhealthy lifestyle of a city.
Phoebe Gubelmann
My massage was the best treatment I've ever had anywhere in the world. If every human could access Monica's treatment there would be world peace.
Ruth Kennedy
'OMG! I have found heaven – and it is just around the corner from my home and next to my supermarket!!! Grace Belgravia is “an exclusive private club for spirited, cultured, caring women who want the very best for their health and well-being”.
Tania Seary
“I don’t know what I’m going to do without Grace over the summer” and “I’m in love with Milly, her facials are amazing”
Unnamed Member
I have been looking for a place like this all of my life. I have travelled the world and nowhere has got it so right as Grace.
Unnamed Member
Our lives could be characterised by any number of concentric circles and a life lived gracefully, [with grace], presumes a degree of serenity in we project ourselves through these concentric circles. It implies an inner equilibrium in terms of how we face challenging situations in life. This is where your Club Concept comes in: you have created a space which mirrors the peace and serenity of our inner circle and allows us to retreat to that space to nurture it.
Unnamed Member
'The Grace Signature is not a massage it's an experience. Monika's healthy hands work rhythmically to knead and fold your body into submissions and allow it to float into the clouds'
Tania Seary

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