Summer Gut Help

Woman on Beach 2.jpgTaking time to optimize your gut health before a summer of travelling will not only aim to support digestive discomforts (leaving you looking better in swimwear) but as most of your immune system resides in your gut – it allows you to bolster up your defence system.

Strengthening your immune system is key while travelling especially if you frequently fly or find the experience tiring and stressful. Use a good quality beneficial bacteria product before you embark on your travels, such as Wild Nutrition’s Multi- Strain Biotic, which I find covers the necessity to have a high strength probiotic, to target a variety of unwanted symptoms (stomach upsets, bloating, being prone to summer colds etc) by using 8 different strains of bacteria.Continue to use the beneficial bacteria during your travels.

I also recommend supplementing with herbs such as oregano, oregon grape root or grape fruit seed extract (citricidal) to protect yourself from more exotic unwanted bacteria in food and other pathogens your gut might be exposed to. If you feel you need to address longer term gut issues then I recommend a functional test which looks at the health of your large intestine alongside colon and microbial cleansing.

by Lorna Driver-Davies, Nutritional Therapist at Grace Medical Clinic