Healing Our Bodies, Healing the Earth. 2 – 5 June 2016

Chateau de Tercey

Join the Arrigo Programme team for this four day retreat with Grace Practitioner, Environmental and Nutritional Medicine expert, Dr Shideh Pouria.

Dr Shideh Pouria has been practicing medicine for 25 years and works to help her clients unravel the underlying reasons behind their health issues, helping them to find their individual path to recovery. She uses a combination of conventional and natural interventions in her practice.

This retreat has been designed to explore simple steps to healthy living, to help us understand the relationship between our health and the environment, and dispel many modern day myths about healthy living. The retreat aims to particularly resonate with those looking to understand the tye causes of ill health, how to protect their health and live more consciously. The retreat also offers extensive practical tips on how best to protect you and your family from the deleterious effect o modern living.

The talks will be led by Dr Shideh Pouria and supported by Mary Molloy, Clinical Director of The Arrigo Programme and Lowell Riezouw, expert in energetic medicine.

Retreat cost:

  • £1950 per person (ensuite room)
  • £1870 per person (shared bathroom)

Travel to and from the venue is not included in the cost of the retreat.

(Please note: arrive at 10am on 2 June – the Retreat ends at 4pm on 4 June)

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