Mindfulness Course

Monday 8th September 2014

Course 4: Starting Monday 8th September

Course 5: Standing Monday 10th November

An inspirational four-week Mindfulness Course, masterminded by Louise Cox Chester of Mindfulness at Work. Led by Mindfulness at Work trainer Anne Loyd, participants learn the techniques and science behind Mindfulness, along with practical steps to use mindfulness in your day-to-day life. It doesn’t matter if you are new to mindfulness or have been practicing for some time, as there is something in this course for everyone.

All participants are invited to do a daily mindfulness practice for 10 minutes with a downloadable MP3. You will also receive daily mindfulness email prompts.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness enables you to be more effective at everything you do and more resilient to stress. It helps you to consistently achieve your personal best, experiencing more job and life satisfaction in the process. The four-week course will enable you to use the more advanced areas of your brain, thickening the grey matter in these areas and changing your neural pathways.

Cost: £120 for a 4-week course

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Monday, 8th September

Monday, 22nd September

Monday, 29th September

Monday, 6th  October

Course 5 please register your interest by clicking here 

Monday, 10th November

Monday, 17th November

Monday, 24th November

Monday, 1st December

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