Aromatherapy Associates Facial

Ultimate Aromatherapy Associates Facial

60 Minute Treatments

One Treatment: £100

Course of 5: £475

Course of 10: £900

90 Minute Treatments

One Treatment: £140

Course of 5: £665

Course of 10: £1,260


Rose Infinity Facial

60 Minute Treatments

One Treatment: £100

Course of 5: £475

Course of 10: £900

90 Minute Treatments

One Treatment: £140

Course of 5: £665

Course of 10: £1,260

Natura Bissé Desensitising Skin Recovery

Utilising the hypoallergenic paraben, soap and alcohol free NB Ceutical collection this powerful treatment combines repairing ingredients that work to visibly improve dilated capillaries, skin congestion and redness reinforcing the skin to combat hypersensitivity and inflammation. Levels of young collagen are restored and skin is left protected from external aggressors.

60 minutes : £125

Course of 5: £595

Course of 10: £1,125

Natura Bissé Grace Detox Facial (The Cure)

A thoroughly cleansing protocol based on a cutting edge thermo active enzymatic detoxification. Extractions are expertly performed while the nano-stimulating mask with a deliciously foamy texture efficiently releases its moisturising, soothing and revitalising effects on the skin.

60 minutes : £145

Course of 5: £690

Course of 10: £1,305

Natura Bissé Diamond White Expertise

A treatment that effectively evens skin tone, preventing the skin from ageing due to pigmentation disorders. The application of a peeling with AHA’s which eliminates dark spots at different levels. A powerful concentrate promotes the elimination of hyperpigmentation effectively reducing dark spots and also preventing the formation of new areas of uneven pigmentation.

*(This can also be performed with Pyruvic peel as the exfoliation stage – course of 4 treatments booked 15 days apart)

75 minutes : £165

Course of 5: £785

Course of 10: £1,485

Natura Bissé O2 Awakening Facial

Suitable for all skin types and especially beneficial for those who have dull or dehydrated skin, or skin that is lacking in tone and vitality. The treatment releases molecules of pure oxygen into the skin that provide energy to cells and help remove toxins from pores to induce a state of purity and relaxation.

60 minutes : £125

Course of 5: £595

Course of 10: £1,125


Pure oxygen is airbrushed onto the skin at a high pressure to rejuvenate and give the skin a more instant radiant glow!

30 mins : £50


World renowned QMS Medicosmetics re-introduces collagen into the skin to improve elasticity and the appearance of young, fresh skin. These treat­ments target individual needs to provide the best anti-ageing results.

60 Minute Treatments

Revitalising Activator £100

An instantly revitalising facial styled to improve the wellness and energy of the skin. Based on QMS Medicosmetics innovative activation techniques, this energising treatment regenerates and refuels the skin through the supply of active ingredients leaving it firm, fresh and glowing.

Course of 5: £475

Course of 10: £900

Intense Deep Pore Cleanse £100

An intense cleansing and hydrating facial designed to give the skin a complete detox. Pores are deeply cleaned pre-application of QMS Medicosmetics revolutionary exfoliating products creating the ideal base for optimum absorption from the soothing and moisturising Algae Mask. Skin is left firm, smooth and healthy.

Course of 5: £475

Course of 10: £900

90 Minute Treatments

SK Alpha Revital Treatment £140

An ideal facial to give skin an instant boost. Based on the highly revitalizing SK Alpha mask this intensive treatment stimulates microcirculation and energizes the skin’s complexion to a glowing radiance making it the perfect therapy for dull, stressed skin and an excellent preparation for a special occasion.

Course of 5: £665

Course of 10: £1,260

Active Collagen Rejuvenation £140

An advanced, anti-aging treatment featuring QMS Medicosmetics unique high performance collagen system designed to deliver superior results. Skin is prepared through deep pore cleansing and exfoliation prior to the application pioneering treatment masks that improve the skin’s wellbeing. Moisture levels are boosted through the 70% natural soluble collagens, which intensely hydrate and restore the skin. A treatment designed to rejuvenate and revitalise the complexion.

Course of 5: £665

Course of 10: £1,260

Remodelage: Tone and Sculpt

The fat burning massage everyone should try” Beauty Editor, Get the Gloss

Remodelage is the french slimming and toning technique created by Martine de Richeville, with people from around the world visiting for this revolutionary treatment. More than 15 years ago she developed and patented this manual treatment designed to reshape the silhouette and free the body of toxins. In contrast to other weight-loss treatments, it works on deep skin layers and softens old fat deposits. It rejuvenates the body’s circulation and, as a result, oxygenates the skin while liberating toxins and fat so they can be eliminated naturally. After only one session, the detoxification process starts with a lightness feeling and wellbeing sensation. After a course, your body will be re-sculpted and feel significantly cleaner.

At Grace our objective is to offer a tailored approach to treatment, helping people detoxify and improve their self-image with natural and non-invasive techniques.

Remodelage Face Treatment

60 mins: £150

Course of 5: £650

For remodelage body treatments please click here

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Julia T. Hunter, M.D., is not only an internationally renowned dermatologist, but she is also the creator and founder of ‘Julia.T. Hunter M.D. Wholistic Dermatology’ in Beverly Hills, California.

Dr Hunter is an authority on ingredients, cosmetic technology, what works and why, and what is the healthiest and best alternative for maximising and maintaining health and beauty. She provides the most pragmatic, doable and result-producing solutions for treating acne, ageing, skin diseases, and promoting skin restoration and prevention for men, women and teens.

All Julia Hunter products are available to purchase at Grace. Discover three of her signature products below. Other products in her range may require a consultation, due to their strength.


Dr Rabia


Dr Rabia will recommend the best products to treat your concerns and advise you on administering them safely and effectively, to ensure the best results.

To request a consultation with Dr Rabia Malik, please .










Prices available on request.

Skin Therapy by Julia T Hunter MD Maximal Strength Cleanser Fragrance-free, paraben, sulfate, toxin, inflammation-free, therapeutic deep cleanser, gentle enough for the most sensitive skin. Unprecedented formulation and ingredients, able to restore and feed while maximally deep cleaning oily, acneic pores and remove any makeup without drying, irritation, inflammation, nor stripping of the protective acid mantle.









serumSkin Therapy by Julia T Hunter MD Maximal Strength Serum This antioxidant serum is the ultimate ‘toxin avenger’. It nourishes the skin with a formulation designed to: Support optimal skin health, repair, renewal, lifting, tightening and biosynthesis by providing the most needed/missing building blocks that can be formulated. Pharmaceutical grade for maximal obtainable results, to help firm, lift, clarify, smooth, clear, protect, repair, prevent, correct, and anti-age.









exfolSkin Therapy by Julia T Hunter Maximal Strength Exfoliating Repair Mask Exfoliating Repair Mask helps to clear blemishes, blackheads, comedones, pustules, reduce discolouration and pigmentation, repair/improve fine lines, wrinkles, skin dullness, enlarged pores, laxity, hypersensitivity, rosacea, melasma, scarring and redness, while helping to infuse the skin with required nutrients and antioxidants. Ideal for all skin types.

The Peel Boutique by Dr Rabia Malik

Discover three twenty minute clean, non-toxic medical-grade peels which use Lactic Acid to provide non-irritating rejuvenation to skin and effectively brighten, hydrate or reduce blemishes. Each formula has been precisely blended, using natural extracts from pineapple, pomegranate and green tea to gently resurface skin and treat concerns.

Brightening Peel – for normal or combination skin

A combination treatment containing a pomegranate, papaya and pineapple enzyme peel base with chirally correct lactic acid. Chirally correct lactic acid is an alpha hydroxyl acid, ideal for all skin types, that hydrates and exfoliates, reducing fine lines and pigmentation. Formulated with the addition of chirally correct amino acids and peptides, this is the ultimate non-irritating, skin rejuvenating treatment. 20 mins – £75

Hydrating Peel – for dry, sensitive or mature skin

A combination treatment containing a pomegranate, papaya and pineapple enzyme peel base with chirally correct lactic acid, followed by a hydrating mask infused with green tea, lemon peel extract and R-lipoic Acid. This treatment nurtures, treats and hydrates while soothing and brightening the skin. 20 mins – £75

Blemish-Busting Peel – for oily, blemish-prone skin

This chirally correct lactic acid and pumpkin enzyme peel will help clear blemishes, blackheads and pustules. The addition of D-beta-carotene, carrot root/seed oil and seabuckthorn oil help to protect the skin and optimise skin cell regeneration. 20 mins – £75

The Peel Boutique is the ultimate quick-fix for naturally healthy glowing skin. Learn more about Dr Rabia Malik and her dermatology treatments here.


Zone Face Lift renown for taking off as much as 10 years in 12 weeks, has already generated ecstatic press coverage, with Sarah Vine calling it:“A contender for London’s best facial treatment, afterwards my eyes were brighter, my cheekbones sharper, my brow less furrowed.” – Beauty Editor Sarah Vine “An allnatural alternative to botox with internal benefits” – Hip & Healthy

Created by ZIGGIE BERGMAN considered the UK’s leading facial reflexologists and holistic beauty expert treatments are inspired from her training with Native American shamen and combine a unique brand of facial reflexology which benefits every organ in the body, Native American healing herbs and specialist tools like Guasha and facial cupping, the key benefits can be quite dramatic: emotions held in the face are released, the body balances, the mind calms, whilst collagen and elastin are stimulated, thereby tightening the skin and sculpting the jawline and face, whipping the cells into a frenzy of youthfulness.

The Zone Face Lift Treatment

Experience the immediate sculpting and restorative benefits in just one treatment 60 minutes £165 and 90 minutes (which includes face, hands and feet) £210

The Zone Face Lift Programme

The ultimate programme to lift face and spirit.

Complete course of 12 sessions – (60min x12) £1,750 (90min x12) £ 2,205

Facial Reflexology for Migraine and Sinus conditions

60 minutes £145

At Grace our objective is to offer holistic anti-aging treatments with natural and non-invasive techniques.

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