This beautiful body reviving experience, combines the healing power of water, steam, salts and essential oils. After initial dry sauna and invigorating shower intervals, fine re-mineralizing Himalayan Salts are applied to the body to refine and nourish the skin. The journey is completed by relaxing effluage under our must experience Vichy shower and a Magnesium salt foot bath to aid the cleanse process.This wonderful treatment detoxifies the body, boosts the immune system. 90 minutes: £175


Plunging into a unique Hammam experience which combines ancient traditions of the East with aromatherapy oils and techniques will help to release and revive both your muscles and mind. This wonderful journey begins with a warming massage followed by a full body exfoliation and hydrating body wash which open pores, releases toxins and cleanses the whole body of impurities.The Hammam is the ultimate indulgence and finishes with a tension relieving head massage and hair wash. 60 minutes: £130

BODY POLISH AND MASSAGE – affusion therapy

A body polish exfoliates, cleanses and invigorates the skin. This is followed by a luxurious body oil effleurage under the gentle rain affusion in the Acqua Calda spa. 45 minutes: £75


A luxury full body treatment exclusive to Grace, uses Matcha Tea to awaken mind and body, while simultaneously detoxifying and promoting a sense of calm.Matcha has long been hailed as a superfood. It contains lavonoids which help to protect our bodies from harmful free radicals, as well as an amino acid called L-Theanine which will not only boost your metabolism, immune system but also increase your energy levels, alertness and improve concentration. Buddhist monks have used it for centuries when meditating so they have more ability to really concentrate. Research also suggests that it can help acne, hyperpigmentation and anyone with premature skin ageing.The treatment which takes place in the Grace Acqua Calda, a haven of tranquil luxury, involves a full body exfoliation with Pink Himalayan salts renowned for their healing properties, as well as a body mask with Rasaul Mud and Matcha Tea. The relaxing experience is then finished with a hair and scalp treatment; the combination of exfoliation and hydration leaves skin perfectly soft, detoxified and revitalised. 60 minutes: £120