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The criteria for our Awards are based on the latest research evidence. We use the six elements of the health and well-being culture web that draws on the findings from Goetzel et al, 2014. On the entry form, we will ask about your organisation’s approach to each component.

i. Strategic Intent
Here we will want to know about the aims of your health and well-being programme.

ii. Leadership
Research shows that senior level sponsorship is critical to well-designed, well-executed programmes so we will be asking about the kind of leadership backing support you get for your wellness endeavours.
iii. Programme Management
As well as senior sponsorship, it is important that there are resources to support your programmes day-to-day. We would like to know about these kind of day to day support there is to support your activity.

iv. Content
In this Section we want to know the details of your actual programmes. We are interested in both what your organisation offers to help get people well, when they become sick, and what you provide to prevent ill health in the first place.

v. Engagement
Of course, you can offer the best health initiatives out there, but if employees do not take them up, then impact will be minimal. Here, we want to know about how you have successfully engaged employees to participate in your programmes.

vi. Measurement
What gets measured, gets done’. Here, we are seeking insights into how you measure and assess the progress of your activities.

The Awards will be assessed using a straightforward, scoring system. Each entry will be evaluated against the criteria listed and then reviewed in light of the telephone discussion with Dr Bridget Juniper.