The Benefits of Yoga


By Emma Scott, Grace Yoga Expert and Personal Trainer Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world. You can’t go on social media without seeing someone in an incredible asana (yoga pose) or wearing the latest pair of yoga leggings. However, as with any trend, it’s important to understand the reason behind the sequences and combination of asanas. You may experience a feeling of … [Read more...]

Yoga Poses to Boost the Digestive System

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by Emma Scott, Personal Trainer at Grace Gym. One of the purposes of 'asana'- the physical practise of yoga, is to activate and balance the seven energy centres within the body being our primary chakras. Each of these seven chakras relates to a major nerve ganglia branching from the spinal column. These chakras can be healthy or unhealthy and are usually described as being open, closed, blocked … [Read more...]



Denise Elphick writes about her final two weeks on her fitness journey here at Grace Belgravia. I realise that now I have returned from my holiday I need to snap back into sensible eating and lots of exercise!  Immediately I restock the cupboard with lovely stuff from Wholefoods - my favourite Primrose's Kitchen Raw Carrot and Cinnamon Muesli, almond nut butter, almond milk, buckwheat, dates, … [Read more...]

Why you should add resistance/weight training to your exercise regime


                            Do you think weightlifting only benefits those who want shirt-ripping arms? Think again. Whatever your exercises goals are, the benefits of resistance training will help you to achieve this. Listed below are just some of the most important … [Read more...]


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Our Integrated Grace Team has an excellent understanding of the complex biological mechanisms that regulate weight. Gut flora, toxins, sleep, food sensitivities, emotions, hormone levels, as well as traditional diet and exercise need to be optimised and harmonised for you to be at your ideal weight. Here is part one of eight from Grace Belgravia Member, Denise Elphick, reviewing the Grace 8 … [Read more...]

New Dates Announced for the Grace Body Bootcamp

Body Bootcamp

  With the first weekend selling out in under an hour, we were keen to release additional dates as soon as we could to help you reach your fitness goals for the remainder of the year. New dates are: 7th - 9th August 11th - 13th September 16th - 18th October 13th - 15th November The weekend starts on a Friday and from first thing that morning until you go to sleep on Sunday … [Read more...]