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Here is just a selection from the Class Timetable:


Raise the Barre: Fusing together traditional ballet drills to tone and lengthen the muscles, high intensity cardio to encourage maximum fat burning and mat based Pilates to tighten the core. Set to high energy beats, this is a barre class like no other.

Target Spin:  A new win to Spin at Grace! Target is a fun and interactive high intensity class during which your heart rate will be monitored by our new heart rate monitors. This class will boost your metabolism and reduce body fat, whilst strengthening and toning your muscles.

Spring!:  Jump boards give you a high energy Pilates class. a great combo of dynamic and plyometric exercises performed with emphasis on balance and technique. Works the heart rate and the core muscles.

Grace Blitz:  A high energy class that will challenge your body and push it to a new level of fitness. Incorporating HIIT, functional strength & conditioning plus body weight training, the class is fun and motivational. Expect to increase your cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat, tone and strengthen muscles, reduce stress and GET YOU RESULTS!

Get Set Go:  This class is fast paced using a variety of high intensity intervals and exercises, all designed for the female body. Expect to take your fitness and fat loss to the next level.

NB. Recently the Gym has been experiencing too many ‘no shows’ for classes that have been booked in advance, causing inconvenience to other Members, who would have otherwise been able to attend. Members will be charged £15 should they fail to give less than 12 hours notice of a cancellation for all classes.