• 10 sessions £800 – £80 per session (valid for 3 months)
  • 25 sessions £1,875 – £75 per session (valid for 6 months)
  • Buddy training £45 per person per session – have a session with another member
  • Single PT session – £90

5 PT sessions £250 (£50 per session)
New to Grace and want to know just how we can transform your body? Everything about the Grace Gym has been developed around the needs of the female physique. Our unique approach and team of expert Personal Trainers focus on a range of methods designed to refine the way your body looks and feels. Following a specialist induction this introductory package gives you the opportunity to kick start your fitness and design the perfect workout programme for you to achieve real results.

£1,485 for Members, £1,760 for Non-Members – 4 Weeks
A simple programme involving tailored exercise and healthy food to leave you toned, cleansed and revitalised. You will be guided through a programme that includes a Wellbeing consultation, 20 Grace Healthy Home Deliveries, 12 PT sessions as well as weekly food diary analysis and tracking. 

£3,000 for Members and £3,700 for Non-Members – 8 Weeks
The ultimate weight transformation programme which guarantees transformative results. It includes 16 PT sessions, a medical consultation, 5 days of Grace Healthy Home Delivery, supplements, 2 nutrition consultations, 3 hynotherapy sessions, 3 colonic hydrotherapy sessions, as well as interval reviews to track your progress. If you’re looking to acheive your goal weight, this is for you.

From £1,100 – 16 PT sessions over 8 weeks
Our team of postnatal experts are dedicated to achieving your goals from getting back into shape and feeling full of energy to regaining your body confidence. You will be guided through a programme that combines Pilates and specialised fitness training totally bespoke to you. Each package includes a complimentary assessment to target the best post-birth plan for you.

We are here to help you and your body the best you can be. To achieve true fitness. To achieve true Grace.

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