Grace Belgravia has designed a rehabilitation programme for clients suffering from a musculoskeletal condition or for those who feel that they have not fully recovered from a chronic or recent acute problem. The 6 week programme uses the skills of ESPH physiotherapy combined with our fitness and exercise options and needs to be completed within a three month period.


From diagnosis, to treatment planning, measuring progress, and optimising recovery, we welcome you on a journey to overcome your injury problems.


6 week special offer includes:


10 Personal Training sessions

This may include Pilates, cardiovascular, exercise, strength training or yoga and will be closely monitored jointly by our trainers and physiotherapist.


1 hour Physio Consultation

During this musculoskeletal assessment, the physiotherapist will check your range of motion, biomechanics, flexibility and core stability. Based on their findings, an exercise programme will be designed to improve mobility and overcome any imbalances.


5 x 30 minute follow up Physio session



All for £1,325