Our expert personal training team, headed up by Grace Gym Manager, Duncan Vincent, is made up of international athletes, fully accredited REHAB trainers, Pilates instructors, strength and conditioning coaches and sport scientists.


Duncan Vincent
Gym Manager
With over 15 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry, our gym manager Duncan is an expert in weight loss and conditioning – specifically for women. He uses a comprehensive blend of training techniques which he adapts to each individual member’s needs. Duncan is passionate about helping people achieve their personal goals; no matter what your age or fitness level, his fun approach will help you feel confident and see real results.
Jason Reynolds
Jason is a qualified personal trainer with a background in movement biomechanics and reformer Pilates. Jason is a master REHAB trainer and has worked with some of London’s leading physiotherapists, linking physiotherapy/osteopathy with the return to exercise. He maintains that you should seek to strengthen your muscles as the more muscles you have, the stronger your legs and the better your aerobic capacity.


Daniel Burke
Daniel has a degree in Sports Conditioning and a REHAB accreditation, in addition to further qualifications in movement and postural analysis. He has played rugby professionally and focuses on injury rehabilitation, weight training and high intensity interval training. His fitness philosophy is ‘move better, feel better, train better’.


Emma Scott
Emma has a background in dance and, since starting at Grace, has launched “Raise the Barre” – a ballet based workout. Emma has run two marathons and loves to write bespoke running programmes for clients. Her other fitness qualifications include weight management, high intensity training, pre and post natal exercise, core stability, personal training and yoga, which she studied in India. Whether you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, weight loss or just a clearer mind, she has a wealth of experience to share with you!
Samson Garwood
Samson is a full qualified personal trainer with a contagious passion for health and fitness. Initially a competitive long distance runner and triathlete, he focuses on triathlons, marathons, outdoor bootcamps and female fitness. He believes exercise should be fun but disciplined and that she should seek progresssion, rather than perfection.