Sonja Shah-Williams BSc ( Hons) APA assoc.

Sonja Shah-Williams
BSc ( Hons) APA assoc.

Ayurveda is a medical science that has been in existence for thousands of years. It is the first truly holistic medicine system on the planet, and its purpose is to heal and maintain quality of life. It could be described as the art of living well through the deep understanding of each person’s unique mind, body and spiritual constitution.

Where most medical systems tend to suppress symptoms, rather than prevent recurrence, Ayurveda recognises the importance of the individual’s response to various contributory factors to health and wellbeing- Ayurveda  treats the whole being, not only parts, by eliminating causative factors.

The five elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth, present in everything and everyone, are grouped in Ayurveda into three functional principles, or doshas – vata, pitta and kapha. We all have a unique combination of the ‘qualities’ seen in these doshas, and they need to be kept in balance in order to be in optimum health. Ayurveda sees disease as the result of allowing our natural equilibrium to remain imbalanced for a period of time, and teaches us the importance of taking responsibility for our own health.

Sonja conducts detailed consultations and diagnostic tests to establish her clients’ constitution type and decide where any imbalance lies. She then creates individually tailored programmes of nutrition and lifestyle adjustments. Sonja places great emphasis on health of the mind, and helps people to learn how to reduce and manage stress, so that they can make sensible nutrition and lifestyle choices.  Here at Grace Belgravia, she specialises in stress reduction, digestive imbalances and strengthening the immune system.

Sonja’s signature deep face massage is prescribed as part of a stress reduction and management programme. It works on marma (energy) points and is suited to those experiencing anxiety and insomnia. Wonderful natural products such as saffron oil, liquorice, sandalwood, and rosewater rejuvenate and nourish tired and stressed facial nerves and muscles. The massage also acts as a natural facelift!

Initial consultation: 1.5 hrs. Member £252. Non-Member £280. 

Follow-up consultation: 1 hr Member £135. Non-Member £150. 

Deep Ayurvedic face massage: 50 mins £90.00


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