Saj Afzal has over 25 years of extensive clinical experience in both the NHS and Private sector. His extensive patient list includes professional athletes, high profile sports men and women, F1 Drivers and Team GB and UK Athletics.

He is a founder member of the Clinical Multi-Disciplinary Team and is based both at Grace Medical and The London Spine Clinic, where he has been practicing for over 19 years.

Saj is both a musculoskeletal specialist and podiatrist and is able to assess foot structure and posture by using a detailed gait analysis (observation of walking and running patterns) to diagnose and treat severe conditions. Gait analysis often benefits patients suffering from different leg lengths, usually caused by previous joint surgery or injury, The subsequent treatment is performed in a scientific and logical way rather than by a ‘hit and miss’ technique using a Multi-Disciplinary team approach to achieve the best results.

Saj provides excellent basic foot care and palliative care encompassing all forms of skin, as well as general foot care. He also offers posture enhancement techniques such as custom-made Orthotics (insoles) and rehabilitation exercise programmes. These techniques help realign foot bones, legs, knees, hips, pelvis and spine, and often resolve back problems.

Many systemic conditions like Diabetic and Arthritic conditions are also treated successfully with Podiatry.

30minutes Member £162
Non-Member £180
Follow Up Consultation 30minutes Member £108
Non-Member £120
Biomechanics and Gait Analysis 60minutes Member £266
Non-Member £295


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