Fernando Bidino


Fernando Bidino is a fully integrated healthcare practitioner with degrees in Osteopathy and Physiotherapy and with further training in Chiropractic care (Activator & Gonstead Methods Technique).

In essence, he is one of the very few specialists in London that is able to combine and deliver three main streams of complementary medical treatment in a single appointment, making his treatment approach both unique and highly efficient. Fernando spends a significant time with his patients in the first consultation to understand the main predisposing and maintaining factors of your current condition and he will  personalize a treatment plan to suit the patient needs.  He also has several other complementary qualifications including medical acupuncture and believes that the key qualities of a good primary health care practitioner is the drive to reach the correct diagnosis. This can be achieved through a proper examination plan, having an open minded philosophy when it comes to learning and applying different and innovative therapeutic interventions.

Sports have been and will continue to be a key component his life. His passion for sports complements in an excellent manner the field and career he has chosen to practice. He enjoys practising a wide range of sports and has a particular interest in football and tennis.

Physiotherapy 60minutes Recommended (Initial or follow up) Member: £135
Non-Member: £150
Physiotherapy 30minutes follow up Member: £72
Non-Member: £80
Physiotherapy 45minutes Member: £108
Non-Member: £120


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