Grace Belgravia has launched an innovative medical paradigm, providing the most personalised, anti-ageing healthcare programme.

Grace Medical is dedicated to improving and prolonging health and wellbeing. The clinic has created a range of exclusive anti-ageing programmes which delay the process of cellular degeneration, bringing your body back into a youthful state of balance, equilibrium and increasing the response capacity of both your immune and cardiovascular systems. This is achieved by means of genetic testing and evaluations, identifying health risks and providing personalised solutions to prevent ageing.

Dr Tim Evans has a wealth of experience and expertise to lead Grace’s progressive anti-ageing and genetic testing programmes. This ties in with Grace Belgravia’s powerful vision of a fully integrated approach to health and wellbeing, led by a team of internationally recognised experts and therapists where fitness, beauty, diagnostic and preventative medicine are all available under one roof. Dr Tim Evans is also the director of Grace Medical and throughout his career has developed an ever more integrated approach to healthcare, underpinned by his belief that ‘prevention is the medicine of the millennium.’

Grace Medical Genetics Clinic is offering a series of genetic tests in association with Life Length and 23 and Me which are based on this ‘predict to prevent’ approach. It allows us to identify the possible predisposition that an adult may have to diseases such as osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and cognitive impairment. Once we are aware of the risk involved in developing a specific disease, specialists from the Grace Medical Genetics Team will consider the appropriate measures to help individuals manage their health and in doing so reduce, or even overcome their particular risk factors.


Genetics influence 30% of our future health, but the remaining 70% depends on our lifestyle. Finding the ‘perfect lifestyle’ isn’t easy, especially when you take into account the mass of information we constantly receive on everything from the best diet, the latest exercise regime, or the most effective stress management technique. However, what the experts at Grace Belgravia fundamentally agree on is that there is no “one size fits all” method. Without doubt the most effective lifestyle approach is a personal one, based upon the factors which can be identified from your genetic profile. So, whilst lifestyle appears to be the dominant factor on the future of your health, knowing your genetic make-up is the key to maximising this. Detailed genetic analysis offers valuable information about the risks of developing certain diseases and contribute to a bespoke lifestyle programme to slow the ageing process of our bodies.


Telomeres cap the ends of our chromosomes to protect them during cell replication thereby ensuring the correct functionality and viability of those cells. The length of one’s telomeres progressively shorten as our age increases through a consequence of necessary cell division and regeneration of tissues. When telomeres erode below a minimum length (critically short telomeres) the cell enters a state of senescence or dies.

The telomere length at any given age is one of the best molecular markers to show the degree of ageing within the body. Not all individuals age at the same rate regardless of their chronological age. Therefore, establishing the rate at which someone’s organs are ageing, in comparison to their actual chronological age, is useful for predicting premature development of certain age-related diseases.

We can influence the way our telomeres shorten by changing our life styles and by inducing the enzyme telomerase that helps to replace those base pairs that are being lost with each cell division. There is not enough evidence to support the view that we can lengthen telomeres as such but we can certainly slow the rate at which they shorten.

Consultation and Genetic Test 23 and Me Member£325
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Consultation and Telomere Test Member £495
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