Getting pregnant is a journey. For some of us it is a short trip, but for others it can be
a prolonged and difficult journey.

Grace Medical and Wellbeing Clinic works alongside The Poundbury Fertility Clinic based at King Edward VII hospital in London and Poundbury Dorset, to offer holistic and integrated services to support you through your fertility journey. Our team of leading consultant gynaecologists, dedicated health professionals and support staff are directed by Consultant Gynaecologist, Mr Michael Dooley, who has more than 30 years of experience in helping couples to conceive.
The extensive skill and knowledge of our team enables us to support you through any eventuality. As well as offering you world-class treatment, we will leave no stone unturned.

As Poundbury Fertility Clinic is linked with several pre-eminent fertility units around the world, in Las Vegas, New York, Washington DC and other centres in Europe as well as London, we can thus call upon these people who will provide the best care for you, whether it is local or worldwide.
Working under the guidance of Poundbury Fertility , we will design a bespoke plan of action which will be kept under constant review so that you know that your treatment is proactive and you are being supported throughout.


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Both Dr Tim Evans and Dr Drashnika Patel are also about to offer gynecological care at Grace.


General Practice Services (GP)

In 1990, Dr Tim Evans set up a private General Practice in Fulham, specialising in the care of women and children. He later established the first fully integrated private General Practice at Westover House incorporating the best in conventional, complementary and alternative health care. He is the Medical Director at Blossom House School for children with learning and communication difficulties, he delivers regular antenatal lectures for Christine Hill and Associates, sits on the Medical Committee of King Edward V11 Hospital and is a Member of Council for the Chelsea Clinical Society. He was appointed as Apothecary to HM the Queen and The Royal Households of London in 2003.

Dr Drashnika Patel

General Practice Services (GP)

With extensive experience hormone therapy, anti-ageing, the menopause and aesthetics, Dr Drashnika supports women through all stages of life with comprehensive healthcare.