‘Prevention is the medicine of the millennium’

Quoted by the President of the American Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine, this ethos encapsulates the Grace Medical and Wellbeing Clinic’s approach. We are not about prescribing a pill as a catch-all remedy, or treating just the surface problem. Rather, the core focus of our approach is prevention.

Apart from the well-recognised pressures of 21st century living, there is an increasing awareness of the environmental and nutritional factors which affect our health. At Grace Medical we recognise the importance of these influences and offer the opportunity to explore the role they may play in patients’ health and wellbeing. Whilst the core of our practice remains strictly ‘evidence-based’ we believe there are clear benefits in bringing together the various strands of healthcare approaches to reflect the complex needs of our bodies.

The makeup of our medical team, headed up by Dr Tim Evans, reflects this integrated approach where there is the unique possibility for accessing the full panoply of specialists and practitioners offering their skills and caring expertise. This includes our team of resident GPs working alongside a team of pre-eminent Consultants and Health Practitioners, in the fields of allergy, environmental and nutritional medicine, functional medicine, diagnostics, genomics, gynaecology (fertility and  hormones), bio identical hormone therapy, dermatology, aesthetics, cardiology, rheumatology, acupuncture, colonic hydrotherapy, nutrition, osteopathy, psychotherapy and counselling. Every aspect of your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing is cared for as our medical team work in harmony to achieve the perfect programme for you.