Dr Drashnika Patel is a GP with extensive experience hormone therapy, anti-ageing and aesthetics.

Bio-identical hormones are identical at a molecular level to the natural hormones within your body. Once you become menopausal, your hormones naturally decrease. These hormones normally help you sleep, remain mentally alert, emotionally stable and physically strong. Hair thins, libido can decrease and skin loses its youthfulness when your hormones change.

At Grace we believe in ageing gracefully.  Bio-identical hormones can help women through the life stage transition of menopause by reducing symptoms and aiding the anti-ageing process.

Our team can help you feel like you again.

Initial Consultation 60mins: Non-Member £400, Member £360

First Follow Up Appointment and Healthcare Planning 30mins: Non-Member £180, Member £162

All Subsequent Follow Up Appointments 30mins: Non-Member £180, Member £162