Do More with Your Kegels

According to the New York Post, “Elvie has had well-heeled New York women going wild since its debut last fall.” Ahead of her panel discussion at Grace next Thursday, Elvie founder Tania Boler explains why kegels are so important…

Like lots of women, I had never really thought much about the pelvic floor until I had a baby. My husband is French and it is normal for French women to attend pelvic floor exercise classes after birth. I was shocked to learn that not only do we have nothing like this in the UK, but that 1 in 3 women will feel the effects of a weak pelvic floor.

As I did research and talked to experts, I found that women were buying lots of different products with no evidence that they really worked. Kegels are important for control, core strength and even better sex, but women either don’t know how to do them or find it hard to stay motivated. The one thing shown to work is giving women real-time biofeedback but until now, this technology has only existed in hospitals. Women need better technology that fits around their busy lives, and Elvie was designed with this in mind. It tells you if you’re doing the exercises correctly, and makes the workouts a fun, five minutes in your day.

Most people think this is a health or a sex issue. It is both, but it is also a women’s issue. It is important for kegels to be part of a woman’s everyday wellness routine. Our core strength is at the heart of what makes us women and affects how we feel about ourselves physically, sexually and emotionally.

The reaction to the launch of Elvie has been overwhelming. We’ve been featured by everyone from Tatler and Elle to Marie Claire and The Huffington Post described us as their “favourite product on the market for 2016, hands down.” This confirmed what I already knew- we’re well overdue for a revolution in how we take care of that particular part of our bodies.

Tania will be speaking alongside a brilliant panel of women including Psychosexual Therapist Kate Moyle, Women’s Health Specialist Sinead McCarthy and Pilates Specialist Agneta Lindberg on Thursday 25th February at Grace. Get your ticket here to pick up some tips on staying strong inside. The price of the ticket will be redeemable against an Elvie.