Julia T. Hunter, M.D., is not only an internationally renowned dermatologist, but she is also the creator and founder of Julia.T. Hunter M.D. Wholistic Dermatology in Beverly Hills, CA. Dr. Hunter’s scientifically and physiologically correct methodology addresses the body as a ‘whole’ – from the inside and out, optimizing skin and body health. As an authority on ingredients, cosmetic technology, what works and why, what is the healthiest and best alternative for maximizing and maintaining health and beauty, Dr. Hunter provides the most pragmatic, doable and results-producing solutions for treating acne, ageing, skin diseases, and promoting skin restoration and prevention for men, women and teens.

Dr Hunter is also a specialist in bio-identical hormone treatment and strongly believes that imbalance in hormones is often the cause of symptoms such as poor sleeping, anxiety, ageing and low adrenal gland function. Her Skin Physiology range of bio-identical hormones, are non-toxic, help decrease age-related degeneration and the low dosages are individualised to each particular patient.
‘The skin is a window to what is going inside the body. From HEALTH comes beauty and my side effect of creating beauty is health.”