Advanced non-invasive skin tightening technology, for a firmer lifted facial or body contour. Radio frequency is a form of electromagnetic energy used to transmit energy to the deep dermal areas of the skin, heating collagen to a level where it will contract and start to lift, tighten and stimulate new collagen formation. A comfortable level of heat is passed through the dermal and sub-dermal layers, creating an immediate tightening effect on collagen while stimulating new collagen growth for longer lasting results. Unlike other advanced skin tightening methods there is very little if any down time with this treatment and can be a great pre event skin pick up and combined with other Grace face and body treatments. 30 min:  £135

45 min:  £210

60 min:  £270

Courses are available

Courses of 6 treatments:                        

Tummy:  45mins   £1080

Upper arm:  40mins   £960

Love handles:  30mins   £720

Bottom:  45mins   £1080

Décolleté:  20mins   £540

Neck:  15mins   £360

Thighs Inner:  45mins    £1080

Front:  45mins    £1080

Outer:  45mins   £1080

Backs:  45mins    £1080

2 areas of thighs:   90mins   £2040

Above knee:  15mins   £600