Hypnotherapy for a Happy Pregnancy

By Ana Isabel, Grace’s Analytical Hypnotherapist Every time I see a birth being shown in a drama, the woman is always in agonising pain. Indeed, the word labour implies that this is a difficult process. Easy births are ignored as though they are a rare occurrence. In truth, they don’t make good stories. Yet, the […]

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Can Acupuncture Cure Stress, Anxiety, Migraines and Insomnia?

By Dr Simon Cheung Many people question what acupuncture treats or whether it can truly cure ailments. For the past 30 years having worked in Traditional Chinese Medicine, I can absolutely say it cures all sorts of symptoms very effectively. In modern society, with various advances being made in conventional medicine, we are all seemingly […]

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Do More with Your Kegels

According to the New York Post, “Elvie has had well-heeled New York women going wild since its debut last fall.” Ahead of her panel discussion at Grace next Thursday, Elvie founder Tania Boler explains why kegels are so important… Like lots of women, I had never really thought much about the pelvic floor until I […]

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The Truth about Gluten

By Lorna Driver-Davies, Nutritional Therapist at Grace Belgravia Medical Clinic Many of us are now more familiar with gluten-free diets, either through our own experience or via the media and friends or family. I felt it was important to clear up a few misunderstandings around the diet itself and to establish the sensible way to […]

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The Benefits of Yoga

By Emma Scott, Grace Yoga Expert and Personal Trainer Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world. You can’t go on social media without seeing someone in an incredible asana (yoga pose) or wearing the latest pair of yoga leggings. However, as with any trend, it’s important to understand the reason behind the sequences […]

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by Lorna Driver-Davies, Nutritional Therapist at Grace Belgravia Medical Clinic. Restless legs or Restless Legs Syndrome is not a sign of a serious condition but can be uncomfortable and disturbing for the sufferer. Since it often occurs more in the evening time or when trying to get to sleep, over time, sufferers may feel frustrated […]

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Healthy Christmas Stuffing & Cranberry Sauce

by Marcin Ksiazka, Head Chef at The Grace Restaurant. Try these delicious and healthy recipes packed full of goodness for your Christmas cooking…   Nut Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce For the stuffing: 50ml olive oil 150g chopped celery 150g chopped onions 50g chestnuts 20g chopped sage 2 x whole beaten eggs 50g chopped dried cranberries 50g […]

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How To Make Your Skin ‘Glow’

by Dr Rabia Malik, Cosmetic Doctor at Grace Medical Clinic. One of the commonest requests I get from patients in my clinic is how to get their skin to ‘glow’. There are many different factors that contribute to a glowing complexion. As a holistic medical practitioner, I look at my patients’ skin from many perspectives. […]

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Yoga Poses to Boost the Digestive System

by Emma Scott, Personal Trainer at Grace Gym. One of the purposes of ‘asana’- the physical practise of yoga, is to activate and balance the seven energy centres within the body being our primary chakras. Each of these seven chakras relates to a major nerve ganglia branching from the spinal column. These chakras can be […]

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Winter Warmers at The Grace

by Jade Barkett, Wellbeing Manager at Grace Belgravia. The Grace Bar and Restaurant have introduced three new hot drinks to the specials menu, not only to keep you warm over winter but also help you fight away the cold and flu! The three drinks are: Coco Matcha, Golden Milk and Chai Latte. The immune boosting front-runner is Golden […]

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