Hypnotherapy for a Happy Pregnancy

By Ana Isabel, Grace’s Analytical Hypnotherapist

Every time I see a birth being shown in a drama, the woman is always in agonising pain. Indeed, the word labour implies that this is a difficult process. Easy births are ignored as though they are a rare occurrence. In truth, they don’t make good stories. Yet, the real myth is that all births have to be an ordeal. When we ignore the easier birth stories and focus on the pain, we are creating fear and tension in pregnant women. We are setting them up for a situation in which they are going to be tense, producing more cortisol and consequently, experiencing more pain.

Many of my clients when first approaching me for help are very afraid of giving birth. They look forward to the baby arriving but the birth itself is a horrible process that they dread. One of my first tasks in working with them is to help them look forward to the birth instead. Hypnosis itself is a form of deep relaxation. As my clients learn to relax, I then start to work on eliminating the fear. We look at all the stresses that are getting in the way. How do they feel about becoming a mother for the first time, or indeed again? Is there anything that is making the pregnancy stressful? One by one, the issues are addressed so that all that is left is a deep sense that they can’t wait for the baby to be in their arms.

The removal of fear is one aspect of creating a positive pregnancy and increasing the chances of having a comfortable birthing experience. Building confidence is the result of removing fear. We begin by learning that it is possible to reduce pain mentally. As it happens, pregnancy gives women plenty of opportunities to practice bringing comfort to their bodies. Whether it’s back pain or heartburn, my clients learn techniques that show them that they do have more control over their bodies than they realise. This is the final proof that giving birth can be more comfortable than at first believed. When my clients begin to practice their techniques, they realise that they do have some control over their bodies. By the time the baby is ready to come, they too are ready.

Health professionals working with my clients are often surprised by how calm they are when they tell them the baby is coming. Some don’t believe my clients at first, and then realise that the baby is indeed very much ready to come out.  Babies are often calmer than expected too. Calm babies make for happy mothers.  Calm mothers, create happy babies. It’s a positive feedback loop.

Helping women have positive birth experiences and allowing babies to come into the world calmly is a privilege. I am passionate about this aspect of my work and hope to be able to continue to help many of you in the future.

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