Achieve Optimum Gut Health with Jeannette Hyde

Jeannette Hyde

18 Sept, 2 Oct, 16 Oct

3.00pm – 5.00pm

Join acclaimed nutritional therapist and author Jeannette Hyde’s 4-week Guided Gut Makeover programme at Grace Belgravia.

In three workshops at the start, middle and end of the makeover and a private Facebook group with daily contact, she will guide you through revamping your gut for transformational changes to your weight, skin, and energy.

Focusing on ways to transform the condition of your gut, Jeannette will work with you to achieve a host of health benefits from weight loss, reduced bloating, increased energy levels and better quality of sleep.

In addition to obtaining a wealth of information and advice, you will also receive a signed copy of Jeannette’s book ‘The Gut Makeover’. Places are limited to ten.

Programme cost: Members £495. Guests: £515.

As a participant of the programme, you will receive a copy of Jeannette’s book, ‘The Gut Makeover’.

To secure you ticket please call 020 7235 8900 or email .

Testimonials from Jeannette’s previous Gut Makeover groups:

Claire – ‘It’s been an incredible journey! I actually sleep now and pain and inflammation in my hands went within 2 days of starting!’

Monique – ‘Just finished week 4 and I must admit I feel amazing. I never realised how upset my stomach was until it started to feel better.  I have lost a stone over all. My stomach feels better, skin is brighter and generally I feel great.’

Anne ‘One of the surprise benefits of The Gut Makeover was that my insomnia improved hugely. Also my energy levels have been significantly better. That happened as early as day three of the plan. My itchy eyes and skin have been better too.’