Breakfast with Dukes Education Helping your Child to Achieve Success

Dukes Education_John

Wednesday 3 February

8.15am – 9.30am

John Ing from Dukes Education is back to answer all of your questions about the competitive Day and Boarding school entry process in London and abroad. A former House Master at Harrow and Stowe, John is highly sought after for his expertise in preparing pupils for admission to top schools including Eton, Harrow and Wycombe Abbey.

Since 1999, Dukes Education Group has delivered high-quality education and admissions guidance for students of all ages, helping them develop academic excellence and gain entrance to top independent schools and leading international universities.

John returns with two of his Dukes Education colleagues, Rose de Pass, an Early Years and Nursery Consultant and Alicia Luba, an expert in Oxford and Cambridge admissions.

We invite you to join us for a delicious breakfast and to ask any questions you may have about education pathways.

Ticket price: Members £30. Guests £35 per person.

To book your ticket please call reception on (0)20 7235 8900 or email .