How to be a Juggling Goddess (from boardroom to bedroom)

Juggling Goddess

Tuesday 20 October

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Join us for an interactive session with Paula Ruane, Director of Ruane BioEnergetics, where we address the age old question of how to achieve that perfect work/life balance.

Imagine you are like a mobile phone-the more apps on the phone, the more you use it and the quicker the battery runs down. Well, the human body works in the very same way! Paula will address these different issues and work towards equipping you with measurable, bio-feedback techniques which will not only boost resilience and coherence but also seek to provide an essential rebalance for both the physical and intellectual areas of our lives.

This is a complimentary event however booking is essential therefore to secure your place please call 020 7235 8900 or email [email protected] quoting ‘Juggling Goddess.