The Art of Lingerie Dressing

Art of Dressing_1

Wednesday 6 April

6.30pm – 8.30pm

Body confidence is heavily influenced by our external appearance, with our outfit being our armour for the day, but how do you pick what you are going to wear underneath your clothes? Does your mood influence your choice? Do you dress for how you feel, or for how you want to feel? Do you honour yourself with what the world doesn’t see as well as what they do?

We are delighted to welcome, Lucia Restani, Italian Image Consultant and Personal Shopper with over 10 years of experience helping women discover their lingerie style.

Lucia believes that everything you do and wear affects how you feel and as a result, how you are perceived. No matter your shape or size, she will guide you through a range of styles and designs to help you achieve your ultimate feel. Whether you prefer a vintage style, high waist knicker with lace detail, a push-up or padded bra, she will offer advice, support and guidance as you make these intimate yet essential lingerie decisions.

Great lingerie should make you feel as good as you look. With Lucia’s help you will leave feeling empowered, confident and informed. Her insider tips will enable you to select the perfect range of lingerie to leave you oozing with confidence and femininity whatever your outfit.

Ticket price: Members £20. Guests £25 per person.

To secure you ticket please call 020 7235 8900 or email [email protected].