The Pursuit of Happiness with Grace Practitioner, Maxine Hamilton Stubber

Pursuit of Happiness_breakfast

Tuesday 12 April

8.15am – 9.30am

Would you consider yourself to be happy? Grace Practitioner Maxine Hamilton Stubber believes happiness is a decision, not a state of mind, and therefore an opportunity for us all to embrace. Join us for a delicious breakfast in The Grace Restaurant as Maxine shares the knowledge of how to choose the right path towards a happy state that will set you on your road to contentment.

She will explore the different factors that influence happiness and will delve further into helping us identify exactly what we are all looking for. Is happiness always found in the environment in which we live or does the ultimate answer lie within?

If happiness is a choice then you have the power to frame the way you live your life, make your own story and create the ’truth’ of your reality. With Maxine’s help we will explore how.

Ticket price: Members £20. Guests £25 per person.

To secure you ticket please call 020 7235 8900 or email [email protected].