Saruni Ocean with Better Late Luxury

White sand shoresBe the first to visit the brand new Saruni Ocean retreat in Southern Kenya. It opens in December 2014 and is a pioneer in Thalassotherapy – the exciting new sea water therapy.

Saruni Ocean, which is situated on Kenya’s secluded south coast in Msambweni, is the most anticipated new beach property of 2014. The lodge is a truly exceptional ‘beyond luxury’ experience. All the rooms provide total privacy, with uninterrupted and breathtaking views of the beach and the ocean. This lodge will swiftly move its way to the top of your wish list.

Time at Saruni Ocean can be spent relaxing at the unique Sarunity Thermea & Spa. It is a natural retreat located at the edge of the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. This retreat specialises in Thalassotherapy, a treatment that uses the combined action of climatic and marine elements for the rehabilitation, recovery and maintenance of overall wellness in the human body. Thalassotherapy enables elements found in seawater, such as: magnesium, potassium and calcium, to be massaged and absorbed into the skin. This process helps maximise the penetration of ions resulting in a rejuvenation of the pores.

At Saruni Ocean, the goal is to perfectly rebalance the soul and exposure to the calming elements of nature will help achieve this. That is why the retreat practices a three pillar process: Maris, Vita and Equilibria. Each signature pillar is specifically designed to help you complete the process. Maris restores natural fluidity through detoxification. Vita energises the body by empowering vitality and toning is used to cleanse away toxins. Equilibria induces serine mindfulness by restoring peace and relaxation. So the purification of the ocean, the energising strength of the sun, and the detoxifying benefits of the sand, all play their part in soothing you.

Thalassotherapy will help to redefine the balance in your body, soul and mind.

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