GP Nutrition: The Guide To Keep Calm

keep calm

The hustle and bustle of modern life has become increasingly stressful. We are juggling more than ever before: careers, parenting, housework and families while trying to fit in some downtime for personal relationships, exercise and holidays. If you’re looking for healthy ways to reduce, manage and deal with stress then taking a proper look at your diet is a good start. Stress can affect … [Read more...]

Superfood cocktails launch at The Grace Apothecary Bar & Café –


January encouraged us to go ‘dry’ and to make those much-feared resolutions… Now February is here, and we’re back to the treats! At Grace, it’s all about staying on the health wagon without denying yourself the delicious things in life. The Grace team are thrilled to announce the launch of our Superfood Cocktails and Healthy Canapés menu. Join us in the evenings, when Grace transforms into the … [Read more...]

Hypnotherapist, Ana Isabel: Managing Physical Pain


Pain is a dreadful thing to live with. It drains you and can be exhausting. Recently a client came to me because of icepick headaches. These headaches are intense and the name is descriptive of what they feel like; she's had them for seven years. No one in the medical profession had thought it important to explain what they were. The headaches began after she'd had brain surgery due to an … [Read more...]

Saruni Ocean with Better Late Luxury

White sand shores

Be the first to visit the brand new Saruni Ocean retreat in Southern Kenya. It opens in December 2014 and is a pioneer in Thalassotherapy – the exciting new sea water therapy. Saruni Ocean, which is situated on Kenya’s secluded south coast in Msambweni, is the most anticipated new beach property of 2014. The lodge is a truly exceptional ‘beyond luxury’ experience. All the rooms provide total … [Read more...]


What made you decide to launch and invest in a private women’s Club? I developed the idea during my Masters Degree in Luxury Brands and Services, and the business plan I did for my thesis became the foundation for Grace.  I only had to look around and see how women spend their lives putting family and work before their own health.  I was experiencing the very same thing myself, too, so I knew … [Read more...]


jet lag

We all know that feeling of disorientation and dislocation that comes with travelling through different time-zones; it takes time to re-set our body clocks to the rhythm of our new surroundings.   It’s not just about the obvious disturbance to our sleep-wake cycle, which is regulated by the brain’s master clock and gets re-set first.  It’s also about the effects on the individual clocks of our … [Read more...]

Keep your feet on the ground

Do you remember how fabulous it used to feel as a child running barefoot on the grass or how good it still feels to walk barefoot on a sandy beach, or in a forest?  The reason for this sense of wellbeing is due to the fact that you’re receiving a surge of potent healing electrons from the ground – called the grounding effect. The earth has a slightly negative charge, so when you stand barefoot … [Read more...]

Clocking your body

body-clock pic

In the first of a series, our experts look into the importance of understanding, and improving, the power of your body clock Jet lag, the monthly cycle, autumnal blues… we’re all familiar with the obvious rhythms that govern our bodies. But, what we often miss are the hidden rhythms that silently affect our health, our performance, our wellbeing. We all have a very sophisticated internal body … [Read more...]