Bio – Identical Hormone and Aesthetic Specialist

Dr Maryam Zamani is an American trained and board certified Ophthalmologist, whose experience with oculoplastic surgery, dermatology and bioidentical hormone therapy come together to provide clients with a perfect blend of inside and outside optimization so they look and feel their best at every stage of life.

Maryam completed her undergraduate training at Georgetown University and obtained her medical doctorate at the George Washington University School of Medicine. She continued her Ophthalmic training at George Washington University, where she remained on as a teaching faculty member. When she relocated to London, she underwent two Oculoplastic fellowships at Imperial College NHS Trust and Chelsea Westminster NHS Trust. She further complimented her facial aesthetics expertise with dermatology training at Cardiff University. Maryam trained with Dr Erika Schwartz at her renowned Evolved Science clinic in New York City on the latest protocols to naturally optimize hormone levels for peak health.

The Evolved Science @ Grace Age Management Programme is an Annual subscription of £7,200 (outlined below) that can be paid monthly which includes the initial consult, all follow up appointments, email and text access. It does not include diagnostic testing, supplements and blood work.

Evolved Science @ Grace Age Management Programme monthly Membership Fee: £600

Initial Consultation and Follow up fees (outlined below) are for patients that do not become Evolved Science Members. Fees do not include diagnostic testing, supplements and blood work.

Initial Consultation 60mins: £500
Follow Up 30mins: £300

HCG Diet Plan (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin)

20 Day Programme: £750
40 Day Programme: £900**

*As an introductory offer to Evolved Science Members, for an additional fee o£2,250 for the first year, female clients are eligible for a Grace Belgravia Medical membership which gives them access to the full facilities of Grace Belgravia Club. Please ask Medical Reception for more details.

**Patients on the HCG Diet Plan are invited to take a one or two Month Medical Membership priced at £300 per month.