The Integrated Sleep Therapy Programme, led by Dr Tim Evans provides a totally bespoke 3 month programme, tailored specifically to treat the underlying causes of sleep issues. No one programme will be the same, as each is tailored to the individual, exploiting the range of services offered by Grace Belgravia to provide a truly integrated, personal programme. Depending on the presenting symptoms, the programme might include treatments such as cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis, meditation, acupuncture, herbal consultations, nutritional advice, personal training and relaxation body treatments. Dr Evans, the Grace Medical Director will monitor patient progress throughout the programme and the resident Wellbeing Coordinators will be on hand to provide support. For those with more complex sleep problems such as sleep apnoea, and narcolepsy we will be working closely with the Royal Brompton Sleep Clinic which has an outstanding and international reputation for its treatment of sleep disorders. Such specialist involvement might require a respiratory sleep study and the use of polysomnography, which would take place in hospital.

More often than not the first response to sleep problems is medication, which has been associated with a number of undesirable side effects. Commonly sleep complications can be cured by a combination of behavioural techniques and lifestyle changes, which our programme aims to facilitate. Sleep problems classically respond well to a multi-disciplinary approach because the cause is often multi-factorial. The development of good sleep habits might require input from a number of different specialists, all of which can be accessed at Grace Medical.

The Sleep Programme starts at £1500.00 and includes the following:

• 1 x initial consultation with Dr Evans

• 1 x follow-up appointment with Dr Evans

• 1 x initial consultation with Physchotherapist Kassandra Darili

• 2 x follow up appointments with Kassandra Darili

• 1 x initial appointment with either meditation, nutrition or hypnosis expert depending upon symptoms.

• 3 x Grace Signature Massage.